Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By browsing the IT Solutions 4 all Ltd. website you agree with the terms set out below. If you do not agree with these terms then we advise that you do not use the website.

The information you provide us with:
This website may require you to supply us with information. With your permission we use this information for various purposes such as marketing. However, we never covertly gather personal information about you. We will always make you aware when we are gathering information and we always follow UK data protection laws.

Giving us your permission:
If you agree that we can store your personal information this will be held by IT Solutions 4 all Ltd. IT Solutions 4 all Ltd. may use the data to supply you with information about our site and facilities. We may also use the data for both marketing and promotional purposes. You will be asked if you agree to your details being used for these purposes and have the opportunity to say no.
If you subsequently want us to remove or amend your details then you can Call 07469 730128

Making contact:
We require a valid e-mail address to contact you. Tell us if this e-mail changes. You can contact us by e-mail by choosing the 'Contact us' link, which is accessible from most pages of the site.
If you would prefer to phone us you can call us on 07469 730128

We have the right to remove or to stop supplying any service on this website at any time and without giving notice. Likewise, we can change the prices and details of services and offers shown online at any time. We can only provide services if they are available, and we cannot guarantee that they will be.

The copyright for the material contained in this website belongs to IT Solutions 4 all Ltd. This includes intellectual property, designs and know-how. The images, logos and names on this website also belong to IT Solutions 4 all Ltd.

Changes to terms and conditions:
We have the right to change our terms and conditions at any time. Our current terms and conditions will always be displayed on these pages so you can check them at any time. Being aware of our terms and conditions is your responsibility.

Website content:
The information in our website is not advice and should not be construed as such.

Jurisdiction and law:
The information on this website is aimed only at UK residents. The laws of England and Wales apply to these terms and conditions and any terms and conditions relating to products or services described on this website.

Monitoring phone calls and emails:
Phone calls and e-mails may be recorded to ensure we’re providing you with a good service.

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If you discover a fault with our website please contact us on 07469 730128